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Artist Bio / Statement

My name is Chrisinda Bowlin. I've been creating Pysanky "Ukranian" batik eggs for 10 years now. I learned the technique in an art class and became addicted to it! The process is very similar to cloth batik but instead of using the cloth as your canvas, you use an egg! I've taught classes for two years now locally. I also show in a handful of art fairs in my area.

Here's how it's done: I advise using an already blown out egg - it's not as fragile as a whole egg (that has the yolk inside). You can melt the wax off the egg in your oven (set on warm or about 170º) - instead of using a candle to melt the wax off. First you divide the egg up in sections. There are different divisions for different styles of designs. Plug the hole in the egg (created from blowing out egg contents) with some wax. Think of your color scheme. You usually start with white (the natural egg color), and then work your way from the lightest to the darkest acid dye colors. Occasionally, I like to make dark lines - I bleach or etch the egg and continue from lightest to darkest from then on. You apply pure beeswax to an egg using a stylus, kitska, or a fine tjanting tool used for batik. In the end, you melt off the wax to unveil your design. Then, coat it with a varnish. I use beeswax, Jacquard Acid Dyes (mixing 1 teaspoon of powder dye, or more if you want a deeper, more intense color), 1 cup boiling water, and 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the dye cool before use, or your wax will melt right off your egg.

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Dharma Products Used
Jacquard Acid Dyes
Jacquard Acid Dyes

Jacquard Acid dyes are made for dyeing wool, silk, other protein fibers, and nylon, and nothing does it better.


The real deal! Yellow, refined. The bees knees. Melts at 142-149° F.

Better Tjantings (Batik Tools)
Better Tjantings (Batik Tools)
Higher quality tool for applying wax in batik.

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