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Featured Artist : Nina Gerganova |

Artist Bio / Statement

My name is Nina Gerganova. During a long career as a French language teacher, owner, and principal of a private language high school in Sofia, Bulgaria, I found a variety of ways to express myself, including novel translations, oil paintings, and writing poems.

I started silk painting on scarves two years ago. I found a professional textile painter and was trained for several months. My teacher, a famous Bulgarian painter, encouraged me to keep painting. I was really fascinated by the silk, this luxurious and magic fabric and the way the dyes move through it.

As the time went on, my new "inspiration" evolved into a company called "Trezar." Then, a new period in my professional life started -- silk painting. I make my silk paintings on my own, and in unique way. Unique, because we are all unique, so each scarf is an original expression. The only things you need when you want to be yourself are the desire, the willingness to be true while discovering the beauty of the world, and the harmony you feel between you and the nature. I have this credo which makes me happy and inspired with this art.

I use a watercolor technique for painting my scarves with abstract designs, while experimenting with different color variations. I use Pebeo Silk French dyes. When the design is achieved, obtaining different colored effects, the scarf is steamed. My clients include different shops, individuals, and corporate clients.

My first visit to the U.S. was in 2007. What a delight it was to discover the fantastic Dharma Trading Company, with its variety of silk fabrics that I really adored! My favorite types of silk are Crepe de chine 12mm and Stone Wash crepe de chine 16.5 mm. I love the excellent Dharma prices, which cannot be found in Europe.

My work is available for purchase in the U.S. through My website in Europe is, and I can be reached directly at

Tub Dyeing
Silk Painting
Fabric Painting
Fabric Sculpting
Screen Printing
Costume Making
Airbrushing & Body Art

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Dharma Products Used
Silk Fabrics
Silk Fabrics

Over 50 styles of Silk Fabric! All of our silk is Grade A - 1st Class - Number 1 - the best quality around at heavily discounted prices with same day shipping.

Silk Fabrics
Silk Fabrics

Over 50 styles of Silk Fabric! All of our silk is Grade A - 1st Class - Number 1 - the best quality around at heavily discounted prices with same day shipping.

Stone (Sand) Wash Crepe De Chine 16.5mm Scarves
Stone (Sand) Wash Crepe De Chine 16.5mm Scarves
If the 12mm CREPE DE CHINE scarves are the "Mercedes", here are the "Rolls Royces" of the scarf world!

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