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Generation T Beyond Fashion: 120 Ways To Transform A T-shirt

by Megan Nicolay

 5.00 ( 3 review )
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  Soft cover - 308 pages
Sorry, these are discontinued. Due approx. 10/9/2015
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Product Description

Clearance Disclaimer

We LOVE T-shirts at Dharma! They’re kind of our thing. Relaxed, casual, comfy and they look decent on just about anybody. The thing is, most folks don’t see the true potential of the plain white T. Thrown over a pair of jeans with some sneakers, of course! But what about turning it into a Fringed Flapper style Halter Top? Or a sexy knotted hip-huggin’ skirt? What about a backpack? (Yes, a backpack.) Generation T is a how-to bible of projects to show you that a T-shirt doesn’t have to be just a T-shirt. There’s even projects designed to utilize the scraps you have left over. That’s like, righteously Green right?

So, if you have a little time and a pair of scissors (and this book) you can turn one of our T-shirts into the most versatile piece of clothing that you own. The designs and ideas in this book are just the beginning. With the dyes, paints and embellishing materials you can find here at Dharma that plain white T-shirt can be transformed into some serious couture. Can’t sew worth a darn? No matter. Over a third of the projects are NO SEW. Sweet!

8" x 8" - Soft Cover - Black & White drawings & photos - 308 pages


Sorry, these are discontinued. Due approx. 10/9/2015

3 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Although designed for the skinnie minnie punk there is enough how to advice to alter each idea to fit even the averagest of women. I am just about ready to dive into those beloved but outgrown clothes of mine and my kids. The tiny tot tees will probably end up as a patchwork blanket. I'll be playing when I should be working. Too much fun and i can think of a few friends who would love this as a gift!(or may steal it from me...) Worth twice what I paid for it at least.
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Many creative ideas that my students found helpful and a few ideas that my students thought were a bit "over the top." But overall we found the book to be a great source of ideas.
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I can't wait to put these ideas to use!
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