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How to Tie-Dye Stars: Tie-Dye Secrets Revealed

by Richard W. Rogers

 4.30 ( 10 review )
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 Soft cover, 133 pages.
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Product Description

Finally, a step-by-step guidebook for tie-dying Stars! We are thrilled to present the most comprehensive instruction manual we’ve come across, written by a longtime tie-dyer and customer of Dharma Trading Co. Folks have been asking for a book like this for years, even before Virginia Glesser (author of the beginner's book, Tie-Dye, Back by Popular Demand) said she was going to write a sequel, but didn't.

This book is dedicated to precision tying and folding techniques for the ever elusive Stars, which are simpler versions of the even more complex Mandalas that the author also dyes. Over 300 carefully laid out photos illustrate each individual tie and fold required to achieve clean, crisp, vibrant patterns. You get much more detailed instruction than from a DVD, as it makes the technique really easy to see and follow. Richard Rogers has been tie-dyeing for over 30 years, and working on this wonderful book for 4! With this book, he shares his wealth of experience, revealing secrets that have taken years to perfect, and which lead to the skills to tie-dye true mandalas. This book is a must for any aspiring tie-dyer who already has down the basics and wants to further their art.

8"x10", soft cover, color photos, 133 pages

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10 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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This book is not for beginners to tie dying. While I like the history (of the authorartisan on The Farm) and like the pattern making techniques and the way that set of instructions is demonstrated the author (for example) makes reference to prepping the shirts and what he does but not the specificsmeasurements of pre-dye solutions etc... This is explained in the opening section by describing this as the second in a series of tie-dye books. This is a fine idea except that the first book on the basics of dying has not yet been writtenpublished and this fact isn't apparent to prospective buyers as could have been done by adding to the title with something like "":Advance Techniques" or ":Book 2 In a Series. With the limitations mentioned above the book is generally very well put together organized and illustrated. There are definitely a few resolution focus or reproduction issues in the photo's. None of which will adversely effect your understanding of the intent.The results shown are lovely the techniques for folding and applying the dyes specific but this is useful to you if you are well versed in all of the other basic aspects of TD'ing. I strongly recommend getting studying and using the Tie-Dye 101 DVD video to novices before taking on a book like this one.
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I have been wanting to figure uot this pattern for years this book was awsome at explaining everything. highly recommended!!
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it's a complicated process but richard makes it clear with lots of photos and great explanations.
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If a beginner is not inspired by this book perhaps you should stock to coloring in a coloring book.I have been tie -dying for twenty four years and learned somethings I did not know.would have liked pix of spongng dye loved the tool for wrapping. I have always admired this artist work.thanks for sharing your secrets with everyone that'd all my business needs everyone making their own great are going to burn in hell for this.
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I was disappointed in this book. The actual info was good but I will not be trying this method.
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Lots of pictures which is good but lots of repetition in pictures and discussions. Results came out well.
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This is one of the best how to books His teachingwriting style is just so easy to read and understand
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This book is definately not for beginners. Illistrations are good and the color pallets are excellent.
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This is an alright book. I tried to make a star but I folded it once to much it turned out looking like a bulls-eye instead. This method takes alot of trial and error. Not for the beginner tie-dye artist.
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This book is not for the beginners but does have some basic tips in the first few pages. I love the detailed pictures in the book. The book covers different kinds of stars and the colors that work best for them.
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