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The best Screen Printing books and DVDs we could find - at discount prices!

Speedball Screen Printing Instructional DVD
Speedball Screen Printing Instructional DVD

Screen printing is probably the most commonly used textile craft method out there today. The ease with which multiple copies of the same image can be created is unparalleled, and there simply is no better way to produce flyers, posters, T-shirts, etc, on a large scale. The chances are, you are wearing something right now that was screen printed. Knowledge of the methods and processes is simply required for any serious textile artist.

For those of you who don’t know the first thing about screen printing, here is a great way to get the basics. This quick 35 minute DVD breaks down the basics of screen printing into easy to follow, step by step instructions. Each of the most popular methods of screen preparation and use are covered, including paper stencils, drawing fluid, and photo emulsion.

When you are done with this DVD you will have the knowledge required to develop your own screens and print your own shirts, posters, flyers, etc. This DVD is a great way to get a handle on the basics of screen printing, and when you are done with it you will have a whole new craft in your growing arsenal of skills.

1 disc - 35 minutes NTSC format

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  1 disc - 35 minutes
Improvisational Screen Printing DVD
Improvisational Screen Printing DVD

This is not about traditional silk screen printing methods, but more about, as the title implies-improvisational techniques using everyday or easily accessible materials. Temporary or removable surfaces include using wax, flour, aquarelle crayons, freezer paper stencils and plastic sheets.

Jane's approach is informal and allows for creativity to flow! Most inspiring. In fact, I went out and bought a silkscreen after watching this video!

Another approach is with permanent surfaces such as using interfacing over a permanent surface which allows you to do a multi color print in one pass. The other surface is spray paint.

She only touches on what products to silkscreen with, so refer to our catalogue or web site for more info on this.

She gives helpful background info on screen mesh, squeegees and stretching your own screen. The DVD has a nice pace, is interesting and fun to watch with a little surprise at the end!

1 disc - 137 minutes

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 1 disc - 137 min.
Deconstructed Screen Printing DVD
Deconstructed Screen Printing DVD

In this visually stimulating DVD, Fiber Artist Kerr Grabowski leads you through the exciting and versatile process she has dubbed Deconstructed Screen Printing. This technique is not a science. You will not get identical results with each print as with traditional screen printing. Each print with the same screen will evolve and change.

In this technique, objects with interesting texture are placed beneath a blank, clean screen. Thickened dye is then applied to the screen where it builds up along the lines of texture created by the covered object. Once the screen is dry, it can then be “printed” with release paste, which actually serves to re-moisten the thickened dye, allowing it to deposit on the printing surface. As the screen is used, the prints will change, and morph, as more dye is deposited and less dye remains on the screen. This breakdown of the concept of identical prints, as well as the breakdown of the initial screen image, is what lends the title "Deconstructed" Screen Printing.

For beginners and experts alike, this 3+ hr video covers the basics and demonstrates techniques that, while easy to use, will yield sophisticated results that are sure the trigger the artist's muse! Included are instructions on screens, squeegees, print boards, Fiber Reactive MX dye, and print paste. In addition, this DVD is full of inspiring samples of students work and a gallery of artists using DSP in their own work. This DVD is so enthralling it nearly shut down the office when we viewed it the first time!

2 discs - 210 minutes running length

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 2 discs - 210 minutes
Screen Printing - Layering Textiles with Colour, Texture & Imagery Book/DVD
Screen Printing - Layering Textiles with Colour, Texture & Imagery Book/DVD

This is not your average screen printing book. Renowned textile artists Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan deliver the goods with this invaluable guide to building layers of depth, color and texture on your fabric. Thoroughly covering all the basics of the process, Leslie and Claire effectively demystify this popular surface design technique while introducing the reader to a wealth of creative non traditional printing methods. This book will open your eyes to the endless design possibilities available to you by utilizing everyday materials you already have on hand. Dyes, paints, resists, discharge agents and a wide variety of other media are covered right down to specific recipes for their use. The book is accompanied by an instructional DVD that takes you step by step all the way through one of the over 25 different printing methods covered in the book for creating designs with your screen. Over 150 beautifully detailed photographs make this conveniently spiral bound manual a very enjoyable learning resource that you will revisit again and again.

8.75" x 11.75" - Soft Cover, Spiral Bound, 80 pages - DVD approx. 45 Minutes

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list off all the products we carry that it recommend for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! Screen Printing recommends that you purchase:

Mixing Cups
Rubber Gloves
Plastic Drop Cloth
Screen Printing Materials
Measuring Cups
Freezer Paper
Newsprint Paper
Masking Tape
Soy Wax Flakes
Stencil Film
Soda Ash
Sodium Alginate
Water Softener
Color Remover (Thiox)
Dharma Discharge Paste

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 Soft Cover, 80 pages - DVD approx. 45 Minutes
Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination Book & DVD
Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination Book & DVD

What is Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination? Renowned fiber artists Claire Benn, Jane Dunnewold and Leslie Morgan bring this exciting mixed media approach to fabric surface design into sharp focus with this must have how-to guide.

This book will be of particular interest to surface designers looking to expand the scope of their work. Utilizing both natural and synthetic fabrics, some basic screen-printing and quilting supplies, you will learn the process of layering, fusing, stitching (and more) everything from newsprint, photocopies, art paper and metal leaf or foil to various fabrics to create breathtaking one-of-a-kind pieces of art cloth.

This book is filled with so many beautiful and inspiring photos of the authors’ work; you may just want to keep it on your coffee table when it’s not in use. If the ordinary isn’t for you, then this book is! And if that isn't enough to entice you, it comes with a 21minute instructional DVD too! A great value and the best of both worlds to learn; other than taking a $400 or $500 class from these famous fiber artists!

8.75" x 11.75", soft cover, spiral bound, 54 pages, full color.

1 disc - 21 minutes

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list off all the products we carry that it recommend for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination recommends that you purchase:

Screen Printing Frames
Speedball Squeegees
Freezer Paper
Hobby Knife
Needle Tip Applicator Bottles
Paints for Screen Printing
Sheer Fabric
Jones Tones Foil
Jones Tones Glue
Newsprint Paper
Masking Tape
Fabric Paint
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  54 page book & 1 dvd - 21 minutes
Improvisational Screen Printing
Improvisational Screen Printing

Screen printing has become really popular because of the flexibility and diversity in it's application. We had to offer this book because it is filled with lots of how-to based on first hand experience.

Jane covers tools and equipment, applications, impermanent screen surfaces, such as paper, plastic and interfacing stencils, and using wax, dye and crayons on your screen. Permanent screen surfaces such as photo emulsion, paint, and thermofax. Each chapter has ideas for other experiments.

Also discussed are use of textile paints and fiber reactive dyes in relation to screen printing. A must have how-to book.

8.5" x 11" - Soft Cover, Spiral Bound, 93 pages

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Sorry, these have been discontinued.
Complex Cloth - A Comprehensive Guide To Surface Design
IMG:COMPLEX CLOTH - A Comprehensive Guide to Surfa

Dunnewold explains her system of layering simple processes to produce fantastic surface design effects.
Procion dyes, bleach, fabric paints, resists, transfer papers, foil, silk screen, stenciling, stamping and more are used. Really a neat book! She pushes out into new and interesting areas where anyone can achieve unique one of a kind art and clothing.
8.5"x11", Soft cover, 164 pages, color photos.

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list off all the products we carry that it recommends for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! Complex Cloth recommends that you purchase:

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