"I use traditional Dupont silk dyes that are steam set because the colors are positively glorious, translucent, luminous, and strong."
-Melissa Simpson, Washington
"As tints, I do prefer the Dupont. They are stable, very concentrate and luminous. I also work with Dupont's black gutta. They are just great products."
-Jean-Louis Mireault, Canada
"I use the french Dupont Dyes, and paint mostly on Silk Habotai 10 mm; though I also like the Charmeuse 19.5 mm."
-Helen Goldberg, Florida
"I like to use Dupont Silk colours. They are the most brilliant ones."
-Lucia Boehm, Germany

The French company that manufacturers Dupont and Alter Ego dyes is going through some changes and are reducing the range of colors they offer. The selection went from 120 colors to only 80 and unfortunately since they will not supply us with all 80 colors in the 50cc we are discontinuing that size. We are bringing in a 125cc size of all 80 colors at a price very similar to the old 50cc. We are waiting for our stock to come in from France and unfortunately this is going to be a long drawn out process. It ends up being a much better deal for you but a huge amount of work for us. With the 250cc and 1000cc sizes we are getting rid of current inventory and making them a special order only item. We will still be able to get them for you but it will take a few weeks. If you have specific questions about transit times it's best to call in and talk to a customer support representative at (800)542-5227. Some colors just have a new number while others have been completely discontinued. There are new colors that are extremely similar to some of the discontinued colors. Please bear with us until this transition is complete.