...fabric or clothing in designs and patterns. Discharging can also be encorporated into more complex designs by overdyeing with other colors. You can also try painting, printing or stenciling with opaque fabric paints like Lumiere & Neopaque, and Setacolor. The metallics look incredible on black! For the "WOW" factor, try the new Jones Tones Foils on these, or the Shivastiks. For transferring images, use our Opaque Transfer Paper. Of course, black is just a neat color to wear by itself! The black cottons seem to discharge well with bleach solutions, the rayons with bleach or discharge paste. There is however, never a guarantee that a black will discharge, because especially with imported stuff, the dye they are using can change. Also, the color you get when you discharge can vary widely, from a light tan to a dark rust brown. Always best to test if you want to discharge a black garment or fabric.