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Dextrin Resists- Potato & Corn

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Product Description

Potato and Corn Dextrin Resists for surface design (Instructions for Usage)

(Please read all directions before beginning)

For POTATO dextrin resist you will need:

2 - 2.5 cups potato dextrin to 2 cups (500ml) water, sifter or wire whisk

For CORN dextrin resist you will need:

3 cups corn dextrin to 2 cups (500ml) water, sifter or wire whisk.

For best results, before you begin, scour (pre-wash) your fabric in HOT water with Synthrapol and Soda Ash. Utensils or ingredients used for dying should never be used for food preparation.


1. Bring water to a boil.

2. While stirring, sprinkle dextrin into boiling water slowly, continuing to stir until completely dissolved.

3. Transfer dissolved mixture into separate container and allow to cool SLOWLY as the mixture thickens during the cooling period. Using a plastic container covered with plastic wrap to prevent a "skin" from forming or in a double boiler set-up let the mixture cool to about 80º F (Correct consistency should be the same as a thick soup).

4. As mixture is cooling you can prepare your fabric for the dextrin and/or dye application either by stretching it on a frame or taping it to your plastic covered work surface.

5. For Potato Dextrin, when desired thickness is achieved and mixture is still warm, apply it to your stretched fabric with a squeegee or spatula. A layer of 1/16" is suitable for most techniques but feel free to experiment with this. Thinner layers gives finer crackle than thicker layers. You may leave the resist coated fabric as-is or stamp, scratch (or whatever) the design of your choice onto the surface. For Corn Dextrin, you can make resist lines or dots with a squeeze bottle or stencil it on or stamp it on with block prints or any tool that makes a mark.

6. Let the dextrin mixture dry completely on your fabric (the Potato Dextrin will crack as it dries). The fabric can loosened up when you apply the dextrins, so tighten it up again before or while it dries. Drying can take awhile, depending on how thickly you applied it. You may now apply your thickened Fiber Reactive Dye paint (use our Cold Batch method directions) using a roller, spatula, squeegee, foam brush, etc. IMPORTANT: This dextrin has the potential to discharge some fiber reactive dye colors. To avoid this you can either double the strength of the dye or add a double ration of LUDIGOL to your dye chemical water.

7. After the desired effect is achieved, and the dye is properly batched or cured, rinse off the excess dye in cold water. To remove the resist you may need to soften it first by soaking the coated fabric in warm water. Rinse and repeat, gradually changing from warm to hot water using SYNTHRAPOL, until all the resist dissolves and the water is clear.

TIP: If re-using leftover dextrin that has been stored in a refrigerator (in an airtight container), re-heat it in a double boiler or microwave (high for ~ 1 min.) to the thick soup consistency again, using a wisk to stir the mixture thoroughly before applying to your fabric. 


2 Reviews
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It worked just the way it was supposed to. However I had to call the distributer because the instructions on the sheet were different from the label on the package. It turns out that the info on the sheet was obsolete.
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Potato dextrin worked fine. Instructions could use some help.
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