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Jacquard SolarFast Wash

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Product Description

SolarFast Wash is a high-strength, concentrated scour/detergent used to remove undeveloped SolarFast dye after exposure to UV light. It is highly effective for preventing back staining during washing. This is especially important for preserving highlights and white areas when making photographic SolarFast prints. Works even better than Synthrapol because it is very cationic, and has a magnetic attraction to the dye molecules, keeping them away from the fabric. Works great for washing out Fiber Reactive Tie-dye too!
Use in the washing machine (24ml per load) or for hand washing (10ml per print), with HOT water. Adding some soda ash to the wash helps too, with fabrics that really hold on to the excess dye, like silk. Yellow SolarFast is more difficult to remove the excess, also mixes that have yellow in them, so using a little soda ash really helps keep the white areas white!

Please note:
Gallon sizes are Drop Ship Items.
Quart (32oz.) sizes are Special Order Items; if four or more are ordered they can be drop shipped.


1 Reviews
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I've been experimenting... This stuff works great for reducing back staining and not just with the SolarFast dyes. I used it after tie dyeing in the initial wash and the results were amazing. I use a lot of black in my tie dye and back staining is always an issue (my white areas are never very white). When I used this detergent I not only saw much less back staining but my blacks were much deeper and darker. I'm very impressed. I'll keep experimenting but I think I found my detergent--goodbye Synthrapol!
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