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Ray Bloc

UV Fabric Protection

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  8oz - w/ Spray Nozzle 8 oz.
  16oz - w/ Spray Nozzle 16 oz.
  32oz - w/ Spray Nozzle 32 oz.
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Product Description

Ray Bloc is an advanced UV fabric protection treatment that can be used to help fight off harmful UVA and UVB rays. This protectant dries odor free and should not affect the color, feel, or flexibility of the fabric. If that wasn't enough Ray Bloc is also environmentally friendly! It is water-based and contains no heavy solvents, harsh chemicals or aerosols and is scientifically formulated to provide UV protection and stain resistance for all fabric types! Awnings, canopies, umbrellas, camping gear, clothing, and more.
While Ray Bloc will work on paper it is a water based protectant so be aware that it will curl the paper.

**We are cautiously optomistic that this may be the product folks have been looking for to protect their hanging fiber art, HOWEVER, you must test first as described below!!! This is at your own risk! Dyes and paints on the fiber art or quilt must be properly set, with excess washed out, to be sure that they won't run if sprayed with a liquid. We also cannot guarantee that the object will not fade over time if exposed regularly to UV rays.

The word on coverage:
One 8 ounce bottle will do up to 40 square feet. A 16 ounce can do up to 80 square feet and 32 ounce up to 160 square feet depending on fabric type and application method.
Each bottle comes with a high output trigger so be sure not to over apply. Try a single coat first and test for waterproofing.
"How do I test for waterproofing", you say?
Allow treated fabric to air dry completely, then sprinkle water on surface.
If water beads, you are protected!
If water beads up a little but seems to still soak in a bit a second application may be necessary for your fabric type.

To Apply:
Start with thoroughly clean and dry fabric - free of soap residue
Apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
Test for colorfastness in small inconspicuous area
Spray until item is evenly wet, slightly overlapping sprays
If drops form on surface wet a sponge with Ray Bloc and gently wipe up drops - Do not allow large drops to dry
Allow treated fabric to air dry completely
Remember how to test for coverage? Yes? Good! (No? Refer to "The word on coverage" above!)
Test for protection and apply your second coat if needed.


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