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I use a very clever technique for selecting our models. It's called "Whoever is around that will fit into the thing and I can coerce into wearing it for a photo". This technique explains several things: for example; why the same ladies appear so often. They work here and are therefore around a lot. It also explains the forced smiles often worn by our models who may be wondering why they are agreeing to have bad photos of themselves distributed to tens of thousands of strangers.

If you are wondering why some people seem to get older from page to page, it's because I've been forcing my kids to model stuff year after year and they seem to keep getting older.

I don't know - one of these days I'm going to get professional about this - then our website and catalog can look like all the others...

Well, it's years later since I wrote that, and although we haven't gone "professional" we have begun reaching out for models and gotten better camera and lighting. Nevertheless, due to the nature of our agreements with our employees and models, we must limit the use of our photos. Model photos may NOT be used in any way without express permission from Dharma Trading Co.

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