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Drawstring Backpack
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Simple and extremely economical 100 % cotton backpack with cotton drawstrings that close the top and double as shoulder straps. Also sewn with cotton thread. Doesn't get any simpler, doesn't get any cheaper. It has its uses, and think how much better it would look tie-dyed or stenciled on or otherwise decorated and personalized. In college and on a budget - we're here for you!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

Height       Width       Strings (when closed)
 16"         13.5"           27" each side 
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As a backpack it's convenient -- holds a surprising amount though there's no sense of organisation to it. The construction's shabby though: seams were coming apart and one of the grommets popped loose after only a few days of use. It's repairable but frustrating nonetheless.
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I had great hopes for this cute little bag ... until I dyed it and the metal grommets bled out. There is a circle of metallic grey on the fabric around each grommet. Yuck. Even worse the grey bled onto two other textiles I was dyeing at the same time. Three losses for the price of ... well three. Probably should not have expected better considering that they are made in China where quality is barely more than a word in the dictionary but wanted to give them a try. If you're planning to use them paint them only don't immerse them in dye. Hey Dharmas how about producing this bag in USA with non-bleedingnon-reactive grommets? It really is a nifty bag and it would be worth an extra couple of bucks for better quality.
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kind of small and needs a pocket but a HIT with teen girls. Dyed up very well. I did not have any seam issues.
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I like the backpack but the cord is too short(too tight when wearing it even wearing only shorts and tanktop.) I had to replace the cord with a longer one. Make the cord a few inches longer and I'll give it a five-star rating and buy more backpacks. Customers can shorten a long cord if necessary by knotting or cutting it.
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I have a six year love affair going with these bags. Handy for so many things and just the right size. Have one hanging by back door to carry water and items for daily hike. Use them to contain toiletries and electronics when I travel. Mine have dyed easily and held up very well. I make a couple more every time I dye to keep some on hand to share.
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