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In 8mm Habotai and Silk Organza

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3" x 4" $1.70 1.55 1.36
4.5" x 6" $2.05 1.84 1.63
4.5" x 6" $2.06 1.85 1.64
5" x 7" $2.59 2.31 2.03
5" x 7" $2.62 2.34 2.06
6.5" x 11" $3.55 3.15 2.79
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6.5" x 15" $5.03 4.53 4.03
6.5" x 15" $5.07 4.57 4.07
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Silk Organza - 3" x 4"
Silk Organza - 4.5" x 6"
Silk Organza - 5" x 7"
Silk Organza - 6.5" x 11"
Silk Organza - 6.5" x 15"
8mm Habotai - 3" x 4"
8mm Habotai - 4.5" x 6"
8mm Habotai - 5" x 7"
8mm Habotai - 6.5" x 11"
8mm Habotai - 6.5" x 15"
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We love sheer, gauzy, floaty, and silky smooth fabric. There's something about it that is mesmerizing and fantasy like. These sheer crisp silk organza and soft smooth 8mm silk habotai gift bags will make anything you put in them seem really special. Though they don't have a drawstring, they do come with a separate tie to keep all your wondrous wonders safe and sound. Just right when you want to see through your gift bag to the special item inside or entice yourself to touch the bag more than open it up to see what's inside. Potpourri scents waft through better with the sheer organza fabric.

The 3" x 4" bags will hold the above mentioned and gnome shoes. Everyone knows the gnomes have bigger feet than pixies - gnomes need a slightly bigger bag. The ultimate small potpourri bag - stash them anywhere and everywhere!

The 4" x 6" bags are perfect for potpourri, dried flower petals, semi-precious stone collections, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cosmetics, and tiny lingerie (like a thong).

The 5" x 7" bags are great for potpourri, lots of jewelry items, small scarves, lingerie, gourmet gift candy gifts.

The 6.5" x 11" bags are perfect for all kind of things. Safely store your silk charmeuse cami to prevent snagging in your dresser drawers. Slip in gift slippers or socks! Use as a gift bag for silk scarves. Fill it with potpourri and hang in your closet from a hanger to freshen up a large walk in closet! Great as a travel bag to tame all that small lingerie that usually gets lost in your luggage.

The 6.5" x 15" bags are specifically designed for wine and champagne bottles. No more paper bags like a hobo! Give your gift bottles in style. Even when cinched with the ribbon, there is enough height to cover the entire bottle, and plenty of width for fat champagne bottles. A must for any wine or champagne gift.


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These pouches are good sellers but I do not like that they require the ties to be sewn on. Very time consuming! I wish I could get drawstring pouches in these sizes.
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Very very poorly put together. They shrink when you wash them for dying. You have to cut strings off in every direction. I basically wasted $40 on these. They are just sitting in a bag in hopes that I might find something to do with them.
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Very beautiful when dyed. I soaked them in vinegar my 3-year-olds painted them and then I cooked them in the microwave. Instant gratification! We stuffed them with potpourri as Mother's Day presents. The only drawback is that the ties are separate from the bags and therefore easy to lose. You could tack them on with a few stitches though so it's not a big deal.
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When using Color Hue dyes I like to dampen the silk organza first so it easily absorbs the dyes in the design I want. Love spraying the dyes through plastic lace doilies.
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People loved dyeing the silk gift bags with Color Hue dyes to match their silk scarf. Perfect for gift giving!!!
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