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Dyes To Use On Silk, Wool, & Nylon 
list of dyes for silk, wool, and nylon
Dharma Acid Dye Poster

This poster shows all the delicious colors available in our Dharma Trading Co. Acid Dye line. Due to the popularity of our Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye poster, it seemed natural to add in this Acid Dye poster for your additional enjoyment. All 82 colors are included, the poster measures 17" x 22"

Dharma Acid Dyes

Pros: Acid Dyes are the dye of choice for solid color dyeing of silks, wools, alpaca, mohair , feathers and other protein fibers, as well as Nylon. Some folks even use them on leather, but test! Excellent prices, bulk pricing, handy 2oz size. 82 beautiful, vibrant, and some very hard to get colors! Can be painted on as well.

Cons: Needs hot, almost simmering, water to use or needs to be steamed. Some colors take more advanced dyeing technique.

Jacquard Acid Dyes

Pros: Acid Dyes are the dye of choice for solid color dyeing of silks, wools and other proteins. Economical. Beautiful vibrant colors! Can be painted on as well.
Cons: Needs hot simmering water to use or needs to be steamed. No size in between 1/2 oz and 8 oz.

Dharma Lanaset Dyes

Pros: Lanaset Dyes are more permanent than regular Acid Dyes, wash fast even in hot water, and completely intermixable to your heart's content to get any color or shade you want. They are a very concentrated mix of 1:2 metal complex, acid and reactive dyes with high wet and light fastness. Can be painted on as well.

Cons: A few of the colors are very expensive. They also are a bit harder to use than the Leveling or Milling class Acid dyes. Once the dyebath reaches the high temperature needed for fixing, they tend to strike FAST! 

Vinyl Sulphon Liquid Reactive Dye Concentrate

Pros: Quite economical for the production artist. Two ounces of concentrate can yield up to 40 ounces of medium shade dye/paint.
Cons: Must be steamset or used in a hot dye bath for best results; cannot be fixed with Jacquard Dyeset Concentrate.

Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes

Pro's: Best dye for cotton, rayons, linens, hemp and other plant based fibers. Best dye for Tie-Dye and Batik. Vibrant wash fast permanent colors. Easy to use. Does not need hot water. Economical!
Con's: With silks and wools, colors are still vibrant, but shift. Need to use with the proper chemicals. Do not work on synthetics.

Fiber Reactive Poster
Natural Dyes (from plants and insects)

Pros: Historically fascinating to use dyes that have been in use for 100s to 1000s of years!

Cons: Fabrics or fibers have to be treated in a mordant before dyeing. Some of the metallic salts used to "mordant" (prepare for dyeing) the fabrics before dyeing are fairly toxic. We don't carry the worst ones.

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