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A package of 30, three foot lengths of cord. Use it on any cotton or rayon clothing. Just tie up the fabric using the cords and drop into simmering HOT water (An adult must do this part!). Complete instructions included. No mess, no fuss - fun and safe for gloved children to tie up their own shirts. Each T-Shirt can be done using 6 to 9 cords, so each package can do as many as 3 to 5 shirts. Vary the colors used and every shirt is an original.

*Not recommended for infant clothing as this is not a fiber reactive dye.

  • Tie-Dye Cords 1 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet
  • Tie-Dye Cords 2 colors: Pink, Violet, Black, Blue, Turquoise


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had great fun with the granddaughters 7 and 6 with the tie dye cords and white tees-they really had a great time. I am glad I really protected the counter as the dry dye on the cords sprinkled tiny bits on the other shirts-it added to the tees but something to think about if it is not what you want to happen.
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Very easy to use very little mess. Because the cords are packaged all together there seemed to be a bit of color transference. The red seemed more brick red the green muted not bright green. They are not like the tie-dye kit colors at all.
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We found these strings years ago at a craft store and had so much fun with these. The pattern possibilities are endless! Hope you get them back in stock soon. These are kid-friendly too. We need them for my son's birthday party. A lot less mess than mixing the chemicals needed for tye-dying.
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These things are AMAZING!!! My brother had a tie-dye t-shirt birthday party for his 13 yr. old son and we had a blast with these! They are very simple to use but my only reccomendation would be to wear latex gloves when doing it so you don't end up with "rainbow hands"...lol! I VERY highly reccomend this product!
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These are the bomb the greatest tie dye method ever!! Minimual mess great results loads of fun!!
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