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Bamboo Rayon Fabrics

Fabric made from bamboo? Really?

Really! You asked for it and we, as usual, are happy to oblige. Here is an assortment of fabrics 100% and a blend made from bamboo rayon (the rayon process using bamboo instead of wood byproducts).  Legally called Bamboo Rayon or Rayon Bamboo, it has the properties of being extremely absorbent with excellent wicking properties, and is also sublimely soft. Some sources even say it is antibacterial or antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. These properties make it a fabric that belongs next to your skin! They dye into radiant colors with our Fiber Reactive Dyes! Also, bamboo is a fast growing crop requiring little or no chemicals to thrive, making it a much more sustainable resource than non-organic cotton.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Stock # Fabric Type Cut Yards 10+ Yards 25+ Yards Full Bolts
#BAMCI Bamboo Cotton 54" - Ivory $5.71 $ $ $5.23
#BAMF Bamboo Rayon Fleece 60" $19.65 $17.99 $16.63 $
#BBF Bamboo Rayon Fabric 60" $8.59 $7.79 $ $7.15

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