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Cotton Net Fabric 48"

 4.40 ( 10 review )
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Product Description

The Cotton Net Fabric has a stiff feel to it that disappears after washing. This heavy honey comb net fabric is not mercerized but it takes in our Fiber Reactive Dyes beautifully. It has a two way stretch and is a softer, heavier netting than tulle. Nuno Felters are catching on to this as a great base for their felting because of its very open weave, and it is stronger (also heavier, keep in mind) than the light weight silk guazes that are often used.

Fabric Details

  • 100% cotton, PFD
  • 1.57 oz per square yard, 48" wide
  • 225 holes per sq inch
  • You can dye this 130+ colors with our Fiber Reactive Dyes
  • Suggested uses: Nuno Felting, drapery, porcelain doll making, clothing liner, bonnet, veils, scarves, cotton lace, net bags. Has many costuming and set design possibilities: theater, dance, skating, burning man, you name it. Dye it in a contrasting color and use it as a 2nd layer of cloth. Uses in a multitude of crafting projects!
  • We found that this shrinks up to 12% in Length and 10% in Width disclaimer
  • Available in cut yardage and in 33 yards packed in a cellophane bag, folded
  • Machine wash in any temperature water; To minimize shrink use a delicate cycle and line dry.

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

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10 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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wow! this gets soft when washed! quite a bit of shrinkage but them I'm playing with the felting possibilities and expect a lot more shrinkage. Takes color beautifully gives a sturdier sort of result from nuno felting but now I have a substrate I can add my feathers to as the quill ends fit into the net.I'm dyeing to run this and my fleeces through my needle ffelting machine I am eyeing a series of pouches of felt and feathers...with its non-ravel edges I will applique it down to other fabrics. the edge is especially nice cut with a pinked edge.
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No idea how they get it to me so quickly--and that's with crossing the border to Canada. I was a bit hesitant to order because of comments saying it was not soft enough but could get softer after washing. My 10 yards is lovely and soft--even before washing. Holes are larger than on the more expensive cotton net but perfectly acceptable for my purposes. Love the product.
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Other reviewer said it gets softer after wash. I washed it once and it is still very stiff and rough I hope it gets better after more washing because it is too rough against the skin.
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Fantastic after a quick wash! This is just what I needed for the corselets I'm making for gowns-- it's soft and comfortable and quite strong. I'd imagine this would also be excellent for beading.
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Softer than tulle but still a bit stiff. I'm sure I will find a use for the 3 yards I bought to try.
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holes are about 1mm in diameter and run on a horizontal parallel honeycomb grid.. Hand is rough and stiff but if you need this kind of body it will be perfect. It does have drape. Shrinkage rate is about 9 - 12% in both length and width after washing in warm water and hanging to drying. I used it to make a sheer Regency (1805) era evening gown. It suited my needs but the garment seams are a bit scratchy against the skin.
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Really lovely stuff. I don't like nylon tulle so this is a welcome alternative and seems quite sturdy and just right for a wedding veil.
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A lot more crisp than I was imagining it would be. I did think it would be finer. I washed it twice and it still has stiffness to it. It will not be used in my clothing pieces but I bet it would be great for felting and more artistic uses. I would love to experiment more with this fabric.
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Well worth the money.
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It came very quickly which is nice since I am impatient! I was very excited to find cotton net as it is often called for in period patterns and such and I had never seen it available before. I got some to use for 1840's-60's caps and fichus which came out great. I dyed some gray (I meant to dye it black but I think it was just a user error as I have never dyed before). But it is a really pretty gray and I don't think I will have any trouble getting it actually black next time I try. Thanks for a great product!
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