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Straight Cut Angelina Sampler Packs

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Sampler packs have 1/10th ounce of six colors.  Jelly Beans have 1/10th ounce of 14 colors. 

Made in: Made in: UNITED STATES (USA)

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Stock# Product Details Quantity List Price 1-4 5+
 CR Coral Reef - 6 different colors, .6 oz. total.
Calypso Blue, Blue Magic Crystalina, Mint Sparkle, Wisteria, Cobalt Sparkle, Watermelon
 FF Forest Floor - 6 different colors, .6 oz. total.
Forest Blaze, Aurora Crystalina, Gold Iris, Peony, Ultraviolet, Peacock
 JY Jelly Beans - 14 different colors, 1.4 oz total.
Aurora Crystalina, Blue Magic Crystalina, Mint Sparkle, Cobalt Sparkle, Raspberry Sparkle, Lemon Sparkle, Forest Blaze, Peacock, Wisteria, Ultraviolet, Calypso Blue, Watermelon, Silver Iris, Gold Iris
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Fantastically fun, shimmery or sparkly, all “hot fix” Angelina is heat bondable – it bonds when heat and pressure are applied. Place it between two sheets of paper towels or Teflon Sheets, use the silk setting on your iron for 3 seconds and it becomes a shiny sheet of polyester fabric that can be stamped, stitched, glued, bonded, or embellished! The possibilities are truly endless! And, it’s machine washable! It is synthetic, but very very soft. You can add bits of it to your regular roving to give it some pizzaz when spinning or felting! If you feel like adhereing the Angelina to fabric use our Bo-Nash Bondable Agent. To view this process just watch the video below. It's also been successfully used in its unbonded form for assorted craftwork and embellishments. Weave into other fibers or yarns to make beautiful glittery customized yarns for knitting. Add texture, depth and color to any mixed media or scrapbooking project. Try it for making fishing flies - it makes great nymphs!

These "hot fix" fibers may be heat bonded together to produce a non-woven type of fabric. Heat bonding occurs when the fibers soften and fuse together. The temperature required is dependent upon several variables including heat, dwell time and applied pressure. Approximate bonding temperatures around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Since temperature gauges on irons vary widely, it is best to test a small amount to determine your correct bonding temperature. Place a small amount of fiber between two Teflon Sheets. Preheat your iron to the "Silk" setting. With a little pressure, iron the fibers for 5 seconds, turn over and iron again.

The bonded Angelina can be glued or sewn onto fabrics or paper. It can also be integrated into roving - just take your roving and the Angelina fibers and mash and work them together until you get your desired result. Once you're happy with the look, it can be needle felted into other pieces.

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