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Having Dharma Trading as a resource for silk paints and material has really helped my artistic career flourish. I use many wonderful products from Dharma Trading; primarily, the Jacquard Dy-Na-Flow and Lumiere Paints. Many silks, including pre-hemmed scarves in 15 x 60 charmeuse; 14 x 72 crepe-de-chine; 22 x 90 flat crepe; 4 x 6 habotai sarongs; pillow covers; hankies; and sashes and yardage in silk charmeuse (my favorite material for painting... It just looks so gorgeous, whether on the shiny or matte side!). Also, I use brushes (the white ones with red handles... sorry, I can't remember the brand) and stainless steel pushpins to stretch my pieces on sawhorses or wooden frames outdoors. I love making a mess on the driveway (adds interest). I appreciate Dharma Trading's quick service and great prices, especially on large bottles of Jacquard paints, which are quite a bit lower than anything I have available locally (if I could even find large quantities!)

For more pictures, visit my website at sharilynchsilks.com.

To me, it's all about the feel of the silk. My personal addiction to silk started at age 15 when my grandmother presented me with a lovely plum jacquard scarf. Years later, I combined my love of silk with my passion for color & design when I took a fabulous class on silk dyeing techniques at Xavier University in Cincinnati (my home), and I was off & running. Now I create original art on 100% silk satin or crepe-de-chine. I specialize in custom pieces for home décor: window treatments, couch throws, pillow covers, and loft-size room dividers. I frequently add a touch of metallic to my colors. I've traveled to some of the most beautiful places in nature: deserts, mountains, forests, rivers, and oceans. Reflecting the serenity I feel in nature is a goal of many of my pieces. Some pieces are purely abstract, while others feature recognizable symbols, like the sun or a mountain stream. I'm also a musician and composer, so musical motifs are another favorite symbol. Visit www.perfectjewishcouple.com for info about my 80s band, which has become well-known in Europe. I use some of my larger pieces as backdrops for performance. My style often reflects my passion for Mid-Century design. Each of my pieces is signed and dated. Please visit my website at www.sharilynchsilks.com.

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Dharma Products Used

Paints for Silk Painting
Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint
Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint
Silk Scarves & Veils
Silk Charmeuse Scarves 19.5mm
Crepe De Chine Scarves 12mm
Flat Crepe Scarves 8mm
Habotai Scarves 8mm
Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase
Men's Silk Handkerchiefs
Brushes for all types of Fabric
Stainless Steel Pushpins
Jacquard Textile Colors

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