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Featured Artist : Raluca Iosub | PrintUnique

Artist Bio / Statement

After eight years in the clothing industry, I began to work by myself, after quitting my dayjob. I was always passionate about fashion history and old couture techniques. So i painted the fabric and I was excited to learn so much from your tutorials and techniques. I discovered Dharma's site four years ago, and I was very happy to work with Jacquard Neopaque and Dye-Na-Flow on my dresses, but last year I began to make hand-painted bags and purses. I was very happy to discover the Angelus products for leather and vinyl.

I started to make purses to match my hand-painted custom evening dresses. Going from this to hand-painted bags was a very small step.

My inspiration is fashion history and nature. I especially love 1920s' fashion illustrations, and I find it very resourceful. I pay much attention to details, embellishing with crystals, sequins and beads.

Contact Info

I sell my bags on my shop on Etsy under the name PrintUnique.

I also have a blog with all the bags i have made:

and on Pinterest:

Dharma Products Used
Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint
Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint

Lumiere & Neopaque is just about the best fabric paint available! Concentrated high quality pigments and perfect coverage even on dark fabric.

Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint
Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint

Dye-Na-Flow is a free flowing, concentrated liquid color for use on any untreated fabric. Flows like a dye!

Leather Painting
Leather Painting

Leather paints, dyes, treatements, blanks, and more.

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