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Artist Bio / Statement

My name is Nataliia Sukhitskiy. Not so long ago, I embarked on creating silk floral hair accessories for brides and other wedding members. I also create silk accessories for wedding dresses and other clothing. This is very interesting, exciting, and time-consuming process. 

All the latest collections and best fashion designers now use silk flowers as clothing accessories. They also use silk flowers to design brooches for dresses, and for hair clips, combs, wreaths and crowns, as well as shoes, bracelets and necklaces. 

Natural silk is a particular favorite of mine. I use Crepe Back Silk Satin, Silk Habotai, Silk Organza, Crepe De Chine, and Silk Chiffon.

I create, cut and dye my silk flowers by hand and use only natural silk and non-toxic dyes Colorhue Silk Dyes. Sometimes I embed Swarovski crystals and pearls, as well as crystal and pearls from other companies in my products. 

In original design by Nataliia, NO two flowers are the same. 

Contact Info

You can find my silk flowers at the Etsy shop:

Dharma Products Used
Colorhue Instant-Set Silk Dyes
Colorhue Instant-Set Silk Dyes

Instant-set concentrated silk dyes that require no mixing of powders or any additional chemical additives. Great where you need fast results, but are not as concerned with depth of color.

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