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Artist Bio / Statement

My name is Melinda, I’ve been working in fiber arts since I was child, when I first taught myself to knit using chopsticks I snuck out of my mother’s kitchen. I enjoy the process of creation, whether I am knitting, sewing, felting or dyeing fabrics. When I am done, I have not only an object of beauty, but something that is a joy to wear.

Working with my hands and visualizing a design in my mind and bringing it to life inspires me. Sharing my creations with friends and loved ones is its own reward. 

I like the products from Dharma Trading, primarily the hand hemmed Habotai and chiffon silk scarves, and natural dyes. I especially like the quick service and great low prices, not to mention the staff are cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. Dharma is an artist’s BEST Friend!

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I also have a website, which I am thrilled about. Please visit

Dharma Products Used
Habotai Scarves 8mm
Habotai Scarves 8mm

Also known as "China Silk", these lightweight and breezy blank scarves are the most popular for dyeing and painting.

Chiffon Scarves 8mm
Chiffon Scarves 8mm

Like a feather floating on the wind.

Natural Dyes (from plants and insects)
Natural Dyes (from plants and insects)

Wide selection of Natural Dyes at discount prices! We also carry the mordants, supplies, and instructions for dyeing with natural dyes.

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If you'd rather speak with a human, please call toll-free from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada M-F 8am to 5pm PST
Phone: 800-542-5227

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