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Artist Bio / Statement

I’m Cyndee Starr,  I doodle.   Actually, I do some pretty detailed doodles.  You’ll have to check out my website  I started doodling when I got frustrated with the lack of time to be creative on my 5 day a week job.  So I started carrying a journal and ink pen around everywhere with me and any time I had I found myself doodling.  I’ve become pretty obsessive now, they’ve grown in size and as to what I doodle on.  As you can see by the attached pictures I recently moved to shoes.  My first pair was a pair of Tom’s then a friend brought me a very large pair of men's Converse high tops.

I purchased some new pens from Dharma, the best source for anything to do with fabric.  I used the Tee Juice fine point fabric marker and also the Identi Pen.  I also bought a Deco Just Glitter I’m going to try on another pair of women’s Converse high tops, because us girls always need glitter. 

I’ve used the fabric pens on t-shirts also,  can’t say which works best it varies with each shirt, the design and the fabric texture. 

What motivates me, the freedom the doodling allows me, no boundaries, no rules and a total escape.   I never know where the pen will take me, but I know when I’m finished.  

I will have a couple of original pieces hanging in Galley 360 during a group show in August, in Vancouver WA.  I am also selling my doodles at fairs and festivals during the summer.   As a member of Made In Vancouver USA I will be participating in their group sale at the Vancouver Hilton on August 4th. 

You can find me on my website,, on Facebook and Twitter also on Etsy at She Who Doodles.

I live in Vancouver Washington,  and can be reached at 

Thanks for the opportunity to share my art.  Maybe I can inspire someone else to be creative.  I’m retiring soon and hope to spend all my time doodling and expanding my business. 

Contact Info

Cyndee Starr

She Who Doodles

Dharma Products Used
Tee Juice Fabric Markers - 3 Sizes
Tee Juice Fabric Markers - 3 Sizes

The best we've ever seen for kids! Tee Juice Fabric Markers are full of juicy color that is wash-fast with just a little iron setting.

Identipen Dual Tip Fabric Pens
Identipen Dual Tip Fabric Pens
This dual point pen has a tough fiber fine point on one end and an extra fine tip for details on the other.
Deco Just Glitter Fabric Markers
Deco Just Glitter Fabric Markers

Make your artwork and clothing shine bright with some Just Glitter sparkle.

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