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Artist Bio / Statement

Hi my name is Anne-Marie Boisvert.

I am a French speaking artist who specialized in step by step instruction design to teach how to paint with acrylics, oils, pastel and of course Silk painting.

My first artist experiences begin with oils painting. Any kind of artist materiel is a discovery for me, I love experimenting and creating, flowers, landscape, still life etc. 

My recent discovery is Silk painting. I use Pebeo Silk paint and Gutta most of the time because it is easy to use (we only need to fix colors with a hot iron). 

One of my favorite surfaces are de 10 inches silk hoops from Dharma.

My publications are available in French through my personal site and I would be very glad to offer those in English soon or later. 

I did also some video demonstrating how I work with silk paint.  I invite you to see it: or and

My actual collection of French instructions are available through 

Contact Info

Anne-Marie Boisvert

Quebec, Canada

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