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SuperSoft Vintage Floral Scarf

By Lyn

1. Design your image to print from your home computer, or find an image you like online. (no copyright infringement, please!)
2. Pre wash, dry, then iron the scarf.
3. Print image on the Supersoft Inkjet paper from your inkjet printer.
(NOTE: Remember to flip image/mirror when necessary. Do a couple test prints on regular paper copies to be sure layout is correct and that the ink output is correct for your desired result. The final result will be less colorful, and a subtler vintage look so if you want brighter results use more ink and more vibrant colors.)
4. Trim image to fit the desired area. The closer you trim the more professional the look.
5. Iron on image following super soft paper instructions. Remember, no steam! To guard against the silk scorching us a parchment sheet or very light press cloth to protect the scarf.
6. Peel image carefully, lifting gently at the edges to see if the transfer is thoroughly heat set. (Be patient!)
7. Wash scarf to ensure softness (use Milsoft for additional softness if desired). Some fading should be expected; the final result is a mildly distressed vintage look.
8. Iron scarf if so desired. The transfer may stiffen a bit upon ironing, which cannot be helped. The polymers seem to "reactivate" and get a bit "crunchy" upon ironing.
9. Voila! Fancy "vintage" flowered scarf.

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