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Adding Bling - A Lil Blue Boo Tutorial

I love using rhinestones to finish off a design or personalize a custom dress for a customer:

Cut your Mylar Carrier sheet slightly larger than your design will be:

Peel off the backing off the Mylar sheet and place it over your design, adhesive side up:
Important: Make sure you have REVERSED your image design....otherwise your design will be backwards when you flip it back over!

Using small tongs or tweezers start placing your rhinestones on the design face down (glue backing is right side up):

I always start adding rhinestones from the outside in so that I end up with a perfect mirror image...... when I add in the final rhinestone it fits perfectly:

Take the Mylar sheet with the rhinestones attached, turn it over and place onto your fabric:

Place a small cloth on top of the Mylar sheet and iron carefully to melt the glue:

Carefully peel off the Mylar sheet. I like to turn my garment inside out and iron it again to make sure all the rhinestones are adhered well:

Be can hand drawn any design as well, large or small:

Just make sure you are using low lead crystals if you are adding them to a child's clothing!

Shopping list:

Kid safe rhinestones (you never know what kids will eat)

Mylar Carrier Sheet

Crafting Tweezers Set

Clothing Item You Want To Bling Up!

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