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This tapestry was made for Terrapin Hill Farms in Harrodsburg, KY... read more >
This next year we want to paint kimono's and hang them from the ceiling... read more >
We do a camping themed unit and we celebrate by tie-dyeing T-shirts using your products... read more >
This was part of an exhibit at The International Hot Air Balloon Museum in Albuquerque last fall... read more >
They had so much fun with your wonderful Tie-Dye... read more >
The kids love to do it and are the talk of the school for the day... read more >
I use your dye on fabrics for quilting... read more >
The shirts were a huge success and earned each girl an "Art to Wear" badge... read more >
I painted some peacock feather for one dress and stencil for another... read more >
I obtained a starter kit from you and the results were fabulous... read more >
For my daughter’s birthday party we had a tie dye party, and the kids loved it... read more >
This one won a blue ribbon at a local art center show... read more >
I am dying the fabric and sewing the hats... read more >
I came up with the idea to make light switchplates in the shape of my handmade guitars out of real pretty woods... read more >
Here is a photo of my family in their dyed t-shirts done for my parents' 50th anniversary... read more >

This was my first year of teaching and I decided to do the letter "T"... read more >
This all started with a kid on my team who wanted to wear pink to show support for his Grandmother... read more >
I needed an apron but couldn't stand the idea of a plain apron so this is what I made... read more >
Your company has made it easy for my husband and I to tie dye shirts for our kids classes... read more >
The background on this quilt is made entirely of recycled blue jeans... read more >
The silk you have sold us has been transformed into flags that have been admired by hundreds of thousands... read more >
Here are 3 of my silk paintings. All are done with Dharma silk dyes... read more >
One of my silk paintings using Setasilk from you at Dhama Trading... read more >
This is the quilt I made my daughter for graduation last year... read more >
This is the scarf and the socks I knitted from the locks of dyed wool... read more >
I purchased some size 10 Opera cotton thread for tatting and had my sister dye it for me... read more >
19 students each made a banner which hung in our main school hallway all year... read more >
I ordered infant creepers for my students to tie-dye and then donate to a local shelter... read more >
My girlfriends and I took advantage of a nice sunny saturday and made some sun prints... read more >
Recently decided to fulfill a life long dream of doing some real tie-dye... read more >

If you have a story to tell about how you used Dharma's products (for a party, fund-raiser, whatever!), we hope you'll share with us.  Send your stories to and we'll share them on our site.

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