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Doodle Shoes

I’ve had this pair of bright apple green shoes sitting in my closet for almost 10 years! I’ve probably worn them a total of three times because they just don’t match many items in my closet… I thought I’d add some color!

My only supplies needed were Angelus Leather Paint and a very small brush (with half the bristles cut off for a finer point).

For my design I was inspired by Doodle Easter eggs made by Alisa Burke. I started with one flower….

….and then surrounded it with some doodles:

I just kept adding doodles, and more doodles….

….until the shoes were covered!

A tiny bit of blue design makes these shoes much more wearable!

They even look cute with my paint covered studio jeans:

But they look especially cute with Boo in them:

Do you have a pair of shoes in your closet that could use a makeover?

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