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Dyeing Silk Scarves with Spectra Art Tissue

Tutorial courtesy of Michele Matucheski

Let's Get Started!

To begin, you just tear the tissue paper into pieces the size you want to use. Then just lay the tissue paper on the scarf. Spray it with water, so that the color migrates from the tissue to the silk. Keep layering the silk with tissue paper and spray it with water.

It doesn't take long ...

Pro-Tip: We suggest adding 1-2 tblsp vinegar to your water to help set the color a bit more

In this picture, you can see the "spent" tissue paper next to the newly dyed silk scarf. All the color has migrated to the silk--which is exactly what we wanted to happen.

Let the silk scarf dry and then heat set the colors. Joanne used a warm dryer for 10 minutes. You could probably also use a warm iron, too.

That's it! Easy as can be!

Shopping list:

Silk scarf

Spectra Art Tissue

Spray Bottle + Water

Paper Plate

Gallon-size zip-lock bag (to take it home)

Rubber gloves

Plastic Drop Cloth

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