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We provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for every product we sell, if there is one available. If the one you need isn't found online call us and ask for it (800) 542-5227.
Keep in mind that these are written for worst case scenarios for the manufacturing environment where the workers make and/or package the product all day long. Many of the products below are non-toxic, so the MSDS will say that. With products that list an ingredient that can be hazardous if misused, the MSDS will list that ingredient and at what percent it occurs in the product. The common theme is to use good old fashioned common sense, ie: Don't eat them, drink them, or allow your pets, children or friends to either. Work in well ventilated areas. Wear a dust mask when working with powders. Wear a better quality respirator if you work with powders a lot, are pregnant or working with something that has fumes and mists. If someone does ingest one of these products, you should provide the physician with the MSDS or let them know where they can access them on our site.
These are in PDF format, for easy viewing and printing. To view/print these files, you'll need a program that reads PDF files. The most popular PDF program is called "Acrobat Reader" from Adobe. A link to download this program is provided below, in case you don't already have it.
Download Adobe Reader
 #AD Acid Dyes
#AFT Afterfix
#AL Alum
 #BCCS/BCCF BluePrints on Fabric
#BEW Beeswax
#BSTOP Bleach Stop
#DS15 Dye Sticks
#ETCH Fiber Etch
#INKO8 InkoDye
 #INKOW Inko Wash
#JACDR Damar Resin
#LUD Ludigol
#METH Methocel
#MS Milsoft
 #NDEL, NDEP, NDKP Natural Dye Powder
       and Liquid Extracts 
 #PC40, #PCM40 Paverpol Pavercolors
#PRE Presist
#RBLOC Ray Bloc
#RED Reduran
#RET Retayne
#SCLR Superclear
#STKB Setaskrib
#UREA Urea

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Phone: 800-542-5227

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