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We upload to the web-site the latest stock information each working midnight (ie., not weekends). It is displayed on each product's page. You can rely on that to tell you what is "In Stock".

As the day progresses, it is possible we can run out of something and that will not be reflected on the website until the following update.

If you order something we are out of, we will do one of the following:

  1. If it's a significant portion of your order we'll either call or email you and ask you what we should do.
  2. If it's just a couple of things we'll ship your order without that item(s), and not charge you for it. Then, when the item(s) is back in stock, we'll send you an email so you can place an order. We never automatically ship backorders. If you have a quantity discount on your original order for shipping a certain number of related items, you may get the same discount on the "out-of -stock" item when it comes back in. We do have to charge postage when shipping out these "backorders", whatever the shipping company charges us.

Most of the items in the catalog and on the web-site are available for purchase at the retail store as well. However, the stock info on the website DOES NOT reflect the stock info of the retail store so please call the store before you make the drive!

Customer Comments

If you'd rather speak with a human, please call toll-free from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada M-F 8am to 5pm PST
Phone: 800-542-5227

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