Printed Canvas Bunting

Let's get started!

The first thing I made with my new Silhouette machine was this printed canvas bunting! I downloaded 2 different bunting graphics from the Silhouette online store and had the machine cut out the designs on vinyl:

Stencil cutters will save time but exacto knives can also handle this

I placed the vinyl cutout onto a basic screen. The bunting is a positive image so I had to cut a few pieces of vinyl to create an outline around it:

Add it to the back of a silk screen

I used a large canvas tablecloth for my fabric. First I did a row of charcoal colored flags in one design:

Flood with ink and pull your print over fabric

Then I did a second design in hot pink:

Grab your other screen and work the second design

I was tempted to silk screen the entire table cloth with this print and leave it at that!

Lookin' sharp!

I cut out each flag:

This is the easy cutting!

I left the edges of the flags raw..the ink keeps them from fraying:

No need to fray check

I used a 1/4 inch ribbon as the string...

Add your string

...and sewed each flag to it along the top:

Sew in place

So festive! An easy way to decorate for a party or just spruce up a room or table:

Let your not-so-freak flag fly!

For more on screen printing check out my other detailed tutorials.

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