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Screen Printing - Did You Know...

Screen Printing can be easy? You can do it at home? It is not as mysterious as you thought?

Screen printing can be a very deep craft form. It can be so complex that you need a special shop with special machines costing tens of thousands of dollars, requiring gallons of chemicals and paints and special doo-dads and thingys that you can only get from the one guy, and that guy is too busy, and you need to know the right proportions of green stuff to mix with the other stuff, and then put in the special light room with that one type of light bulb, and yada yada yada.

But, it can also be so very easy that you can do it at home with your kids.

Screen printing is a great way to create art and be able to print it over and over, with reliable quality. The process allows you to take an image and transfer it onto shirts, bags, quilting fabric, paper posters, what have you. The best part about the process is that once you have your screen set up, you can make print after print with the utmost ease.

The part of the process that seems to be the road block is the preparation of the screen. But, as you will see, the process is super easy, fun, and the results can be fantastic. Below we have described the three easy ways of screen printing that can be done at home with little time, effort and investment. And as always, we are here to help if anything goes awry. Remember, screen printing is easy and very rewarding.


Paper Stencil Screen Printing:

The absolute easiest way to screen print. Kids of six years can handle it with a little help (and hopefully adults too!). This method is best for low detail, low quantity prints, but it just doesn’t get easier.

Drawing Fluid Method:

The next to easiest way to screen print. Draw a design, cover the whole screen and design, wash the design out, print! Super easy, long lasting screens, medium detail possibility.

Photo Emulsion Method:

The most ‘complicated’ of the screen printing methods, which is to say it can be done by just about anyone in their home without any special supplies. This method will provide the best detail screen images and long lasting screens. And it really is easy. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at this great tutorial by a friend and customer.

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