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Upcycled Jacked with InkoDye

Batik is a traditional technique that uses Resist to prevent dye from reaching the fabric. You can use this method to create detailed patterns on textiles, wood and unglazed ceramics. With specially formulated Inkodye you get to use the power of the sun to develop the full vibrance of your colors and make them permanent, no other steaming or fixing is required!

Decide how to apply the resist. We used fine line applicators, also try brushes, stencils and sponges.

Choose your design. We printed out an illustration to use as an underlay, if you're brave try freehand!

Flatten your work surface. We used a mild spray adhesive, you can also use stretcher frames.

Apply Resist. Try not to smudge your work as you go! Fine lines dry to the touch in minutes.

Finishing touches. Check your work for gaps, dye will bleed through gaps in lines. Sign your work!

Apply Inkodye. We started with our largest area first so that we could focus on detail later.

Go out into the sun! Develop the full color by taking your piece into the sun, lie flat for even results.

Watch the color develop. Full color will develop in 5-8 minutes in direct sunlight, longer in cloudy weather.

Details. Using a brush paint within your lines much like coloring in a coloring book. 

Develop your final colors. Take into the sun to develop the details, let it achieve its full vibrancy.

Wash out resist. Dissolve resist in warm water with mild soap. Thick lines will take longer to dissolve.

Take a look at your work! Where the resist was is now clean white lines to border the dye.

Dry your artwork. We dried ours in the sun, but any method will do just fine.

Enjoy your piece. We were able to wear our scarf less than an hour after finishing.

Share your artwork. Don't let it sit at home, show your friends or wear your piece out and about!

Shopping list:

Inkodye - Red, Blue, Yellow

Inkodye Resist

Fine Line Applicators

Stretcher Frames or A Mild Spray Adhesive (to keep your silk flat)

Silk Scarf


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