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Adjustable Leather Wristbands

 4.50 ( 2 review )
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Stock# Product Details Quantity 1-9 10+
 Small - 3/4" x 7" w/ metal snaps
 Medium - 1" x 8.5" w/ metal snaps
 Large - 1.5" x 8.5" w/ metal snaps
  Medium - 1" x 8.5" w/ plastic snaps M
 Large - 1.5" x 8.5" w/ plastic snaps L
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Product Description

Pre-cut, blank leather wristbands with pre-attached snaps. Designing a leather wrist band is a great way to present your creativity. All leather items that we sell are Veggie tanned and have no hazardous chemical coatings or sealants.

The large wristband is our most popular seller. It's 1.5" wide and sports a pair of double snaps. You can make a bold statement or cut the band down the middle and make two!

The medium is an in-between size of the leather wristbands. Not to wide, not to long but juuuuuust right. Got a design in mind that our 1.5" wide band just won't do the trick for? Try this guy out! One pair of snaps instead of two and a half inch skinnier, this band is meant to be snug and personal instead of flashy and dramatic. Different days call for different styles!

These wristbands certainly are not one size fits all; so we thought it nice to carry a smaller size for the daintier wrists out there that still want to be fashionable and show off their artistic styling. Got a mix of kiddos and adults in that leather crafting party? Make sure to grab a few of these!

The Medium and Large bands adjust from 7.5" to 8.5" long.
The Small band adjusts from 6" to 7" long.

Oh, Snaps! What's going on with the metal vs. plastic snaps?
Several years back the manufacturer changed to plastic snaps; they've decided they liked the metal better and are doing the old switcheroo again. We still have some of the plastics on hand, but when they're finally gone that will be the end of 'em.
Metal is here to stay! Rock on.


Large: 8.5" long X 1.5" wide X 3/32" thick Medium: 8.5" long X 1" wide X 3/32" thick Small: 7" long X 3/4" wide X 3/32" thick
2 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Very nice bracelet and soft leather as well. To bad they use the plastic snaps which kind of cheapen it. I hope they consider changing to the metal and charging a little more. All in all very nice!!
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AWESOME product...great price! Used it to make a Father's Day present for my husband using "Lil Boo's" tutorial. He LOVED it! Thanks!
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