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A short cut fixative for painting with Fiber Reactive type Dyes on small projects that eliminates long curing times or steaming. See our complete directions below. Works equally well on cotton and silk. The only drawback with this stuff is if you let it dry on anything, it does not come off. So don't let it dry on anything! Clean up any spills immediately. Colors may not be quite as brilliant as when you use Soda Ash, especially if the ambient temperature is not warmer than 70 degrees F. This product is kind of thick, which makes it practical mainly for small projects. If you thin the product, you dilute it's fixing abilities. Great for class situations where time is limited.


Sorry, this has been discontinued. Important - DO NOT LET IT DRY! -remove after 1 hour of damp curing


Afterfix Instructions


Afterfix is the quickest way to PAINT with Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dye or Reactive Vinyl Sulpnone dyes without long curing or steaming. It will fix Fiber Reactive Dyes on Cotton, Rayon, Linen, Hemp, Silk, and similar natural fabrics.


Just mix the dye powder with water, add thickener to make it a more paint-like consistency if you want - nothing else. Now paint it on. When it's dry, completely cover the dyed area with DyeHouse Afterfix (paint it on with a brush or foam brush). Apply carefully so as not to smear your design. It's a thick liquid, so it is more practical for small projects. You can't thin it or you dilute its fixing properties. Keep the project damp (cover with plastic if it is a hot dry climate), then one hour later wash out the Afterfix and excess dye and you are done! Do not let it dry on anything! Once it dries, it won't come off.


ALERT: The one precaution to take with this product, is don't let it dry on anything! Once it dries, it won't come off. If it gets on your clothes or work surface, wash off immediately with plain water. We recommend using gloves, aprons, and drop cloths to keep you and your workspace clean!

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Saved a project from mediocrity as my soda ashbicarb mixture was outdated and stuff was not fixing. It was 2 yards and I used a paint roller to put it on and worked like a charm and piece saved!
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Very useful for a class project with children. They could dye their designs at school and I could take the items home to set the dye without having to worry about keeping the projects damp. I did learn that you only get one chance to dye the design no re-dyeing afterwards or touch up work. Tried to touch up a project and the second dye application seemed to wander from its place with the Afterfix. This product was great for what I needed just next time I will know to make sure all is how I want it before applying Afterfix the first time.
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the colors bled together with the afterfix.
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Fantastic but the bottle leaked. You wrapped it very well so it wasn't a problem I just thought that you might like to know.
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Such an easy low mess way to fix small amounts of stenciled-on dye! And lots of fun! Pro Tip: I layered my patches (about 8"x10") between used plastic grocery bags to keep them damp and stacked out of the way for the hour "set" time.
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