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Jersey and Other Knit Fabrics 
Jersey is a lightweight, smooth, single-knit fabric. It has an easy crosswise stretch, but only a slight lengthwise stretch. This is the fabric used for Tee shirts and a lot of our white clothing. We also now have Interlock, which is a double knit fabric, and is softer, warmer and heavier than most jerseys.

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...
Stock # Fabric Type Cut
Full Bolts
(per yard)
#BMJ60 10.16 9.24 8.47 8.19
#CIL 6.35 5.75 5.19
#CJ60 4.58 4.20 3.88
#CLF 9.45 8.59 7.89 7.29
#HJ 11.24 10.30 9.51
#JER40 3.95 3.49 3.19 2.85
#MJ60 8.14 7.49 6.99 6.49
#SOCJ 13.69 12.55 11.58

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