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One of the best things about tub dyeing is it gives anyone the ability to make any of our clothing items any color you want! Simply get the garment you want, pick your dye colors, and turn your $5.00 clothing item or $1.00 scarf into a $20-$30 item from your local department store. Build up a collection of colors, learn to mix them, and create a wardrobe with accessories for any season or occasion. We even have some customers who discharge their summer clothes when the season ends and re-dye it for winter!

We get compliments all the time on our clothing line and the variety we offer. We receive praise for our vast assortment of dyes. Whats that? You said you wanted that item in Robin's Egg Blue? Not a problem! Once you receive the materials you need, dye it up, and that garment will be ready to wear in just 2-4 hours! It doesn't get much easier when it comes to getting the color you want, folks.

For those who are really good (oh yes, you know I'm talking to you), you can even pick the feel you want from our virtual cornucopia of fabrics, dye the fabric the color of your choosing, and get to work on the patterns you wish to sew that very night! When it comes to making your own clothing, there really is no cheaper way to get the colored fabric of your choosing and we have yet to find a store that can offer you the infinite possibility that accompanies dyeing the fabric of your desire.

Be it the megalomaniacal plan to take the fashion industry by storm and rule it with an iron thimble or turning the whimsy of your thusrday nights dream into a reality, nothing compares to the feeling of holding something in your arms that is completely yours...right down to the last fiber!

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