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Brushes For Fabric Painting 
Fabric painting brushes need to be stiffer so you can press the paint into the fabric. Fabric paints have to be pressed down into the fabric as they are painted on. If you just lay a bead or layer on the surface, it will not grip the fibers and therefore will flake or chip off.

Silk Brushes vs. Fabric Brushes Silk brushes are soft and soak up large amounts of dye. They are used for filling in areas and watercolor painting. Fabric brushes are stiffer than silk brushes, which helps to force paint or dye into the weave of fabric.

Round Tip Brushes. Use on point or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes. Detail work or filling large areas depending upon the size and pressure applied.

Tiny Round Tip Brushes. Also called Spotter, they are designed for detailing. Great for letters, eyes, eyelashes to name a few.

Flat Tip Brushes. Also called Shader, used for blocking in color, blending, shading, stroke work and highlighting.

Liner Brushes. Best used for lines and curves, also can change thickness with pressure.

Sumi Brushes. Used for silk painting and caligraphy. They become stiffer in the center allowing more liquid to be soaked in. Traditional brushes used in China.

Chinese Wash Brushes. Used for large broad sweeping strokes.

Foam Brushes. Wooden handled foam brushes are great for applying dyes, dye fixatives, primers or thin paints in large washes. They are also good applying dye to tie-dye instead of squirt bottles.

Flat Brushes. Natural bristle, all purpose brushes for use with thickened dye, fabric paints, silk dyes, wax, afterfix, etc.

Leonhardy Brush Liners

These German made brushes are made of synthetic fibers and have nickle plated brass ferrules. They come in four sizes and range between 16mm to 24mm.

Loew Cornell - Round

Made for fabric painting of white nylon bristle.

Loew Cornell - Flat

Made for fabric painting of white nylon bristle.

Stencil Brush Set

5 stencil brushes of various sizes.

Foam Dabber Set

Comes with 16 individual wooden foam tipped dabbers, in 3 sizes. 5 Large, 8 small, and 3 dual tip mini dabbers.

Foam Tip Brushes
Very neat brushes with a foam tip rather than bristle.
Foam Brushes
Wooden handled foam brushes.
Flat Brushes
Natural bristle, all purpose brushes for use with thickened dye, fabric paints, silk dyes, wax, afterfix, etc.
50 Assorted Brushes

Here's a super economical deal on a whole variety of brush types and sizes - round, flat, sumi, stubby, stencil, liner - who knows?

3 Large Writing Brushes

In a box. The white goat hair bristles are about 2 1/2" long.

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