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It's Time For A Tie Dye Party
Family Gatherings
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Lesson Plans

The Result:
• A laughing happy group wearing vibrant colorful shirts
• Color & dye chemistry explored with our lesson plans.
How It's Done:
1. Tie and rubber-band shirts
2. Soak shirts in fixative
3. Apply Dye
4. Wait until next day - then wash and dry
What's Needed:
Tie-Dye Little Group Kit (50 people - $47.95) or Tie-Dye Big Group Kit (100 people - $74.95)
Shirts for dyeing - $1.80 - $4.82 each (or kids bring their own), or bandanas, cotton scarves or any of our other white dyeable clothing or accessories (check out our Clothing & Dyeables section)
• A bucket for presoaking shirts, some kind of protection for clothes and work surfaces
Sun Painting Party
The Result:
• A group amazed by sunpainting and a unique piece of work.
How It's Done:
1. Wet your fabric so it sticks to the work surface.
2. Brush on your paint/water mixture and lay your shapes on the fabric.
3. Place fabric in the sun until it’s dry
What's Needed:
• About 9 oz. Setacolor Transparent & Fluorescent Colors for every 20 people (six 1½ oz. bottles, for example) - $19.74
• Three sets of 4 Foam Brushes - $11.37
Scarves, bandanas, hoops, or other fabric to paint
• Water to mix with the paint
• Non-porous surface to lay your fabric on
• Items (leaves, paper patterns etc) to put on your fabric
• Sunlight (heat lamps or UV “grow” lights will work too)
Henna Party
The Result:
• A flashy group showing off their tattoos left and right.
How It's Done:
1. Mix ingredients (instructions included) and apply within 24 hours.
2. Thoroughly wash and dry area where Henna is to be applied
3. Apply Henna mixture with included applicator.
4. Allow Henna to remain on skin as long as possible (12 hours is ideal).
5. Wash off the Henna mixture leaving behind your design.
6. Designs generally last 12-15 days.
What's Needed:
Mehndi Henna Kit (hundreds of applications) - $11.69
• Paper towels to wipe up any messes
Silk Painting Party
The Result:
• A group full of joy and personalized silk hoops.
How It's Done:
1. Open the paints. Dilute and mix them to taste
2. Use the resist to keep areas of color separate from others...
3. ...paint, paint, paint...
4. ...add silk salt to wet painted areas for interesting effects
What's Needed:
Silk Painting Class Kit (30 people) - $89.95
• Water to dip your brushes in and to dilute your paint
Fabric Stamping Party
The Result:
• An ecstatic group of people and beautifully patterned pieces.
How It's Done:
1. Trace a design onto the Sure Stamp Flexible Printing Plate, cut out your design, peel of adhesive backing and mount the plate onto a piece of wood or one of our linoleum.
2. Find interestingly textured or shaped items to press into the Moldable Foam Foam Blocks.
3. Stamp, stamp, stamp away.
What's Needed:
• 2 packs of Moldable Foam Stamps (20 people) - $15.90
• Sheets of Sure Stamp - $5.95/sheet - make mult. stamps w/1 sht.
• At least one Pearl Ex Stamp Pad - $7.35 or
• Maybe some stamping inks and blank pads
Clothing or Fabric to stamp
• Hair dryer or heat gun to soften and make impressions in the Moldable Foam Blocks
• Object to press into the Moldable Foam Blocks
• A flat surface to stamp on

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