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Inkodye Starter Kit

USE FOR: Develops in sunlight - Sun painting with shapes and stencils, Screen Printing, Stenciling, Hand painting, Block Printing, Spraying, Squirting

USE ON: Most natural fibers including cotton, Viscose Rayon, linen, raw silk, even leather and wood!

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Product Description

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.
Please see other kits available from Lumi Co in the links below.

Haven't heard about Inkodye yet?

Inkodye is a photosensitive textile dye that can be brushed, dipped, rolled, stamped, stenciled or screen printed. The dye works with most natural fibers such as cotton, rayon, linen, wool, silk, and even leather, wood and un-glazed ceramics. The dye has a soft hand on fabrics and is permanent after exposure.

Choose a method of blocking out the light to create patterns or an image (using a photo negative printed onto acetate film is popular), apply dye to the article, attach the image printed on acetate, or objects that will block the exposure to light, and set in the sun for 10-20 minutes.
After the article has been exposed take it directly to a hot water bath. Machine washing with Synthrapol works wonderfully as the heavy agitation beats out all the excess dye and synthrapol helps capture and remove the molecules of unbound dye that might still be hanging around.

The new Starter Kit is ideal for beginners or anyone planning a small set of Lumi projects. Makes about 4 prints at 12x12 inches each.

Kit includes:

  • Inkodye 4oz one color
  • Inkowash 4oz detergent
  • Inkocap Roller
  • Instruction guide
  • Test negative
  • Blank fabric swatches

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