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Setacolor Shimmer Starter Set

 4.14 ( 8 review )
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  Shimmer Starter Set
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Product Description
We are offering this Starter Set by Pebeo of 10 of it's wonderful Shimmer colors for an amazing price so that you can sample these paints at a price below our normal quantity discount and fall in love with them as countless others have done. These paints are truly opaque, have wonderful rich shimmery metallic pigments, and are among the softest (ie leave the least feel on the fabric) of metallic fabric paints that are available. Contains Pebeo's new Rich Gold (#62).
Used for hand painting, adding metallic highlights, stenciling, screen printing, block printing, you name it.
Contains Shimmer color #s 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 69, 72 & 79. Each bottle is 45ml. Comes in a nice box, so makes a good gift too.
Non-toxic, water based.
Pebeo is going through a makeover and there is new packaging, but the manufacturer still has a lot of the old packaging left. The same colors are in the kits you just might receive a different outer package design.
Made in: FRANCE (FR)

8 Reviews
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While it's true that these metallic paints leave the least feel on the fabric they also leave the biggest halo around the painted area. Typically I thin metallic paints before using them so they have even less impact on hand of the fabric. These Setacolor paints leave a ghastly halo that pretty much ruins the design. There are many other options for metallic fabric paints and I'll likely stick with the others -- or use these unthinned straight from the bottle. Be especially careful with this stuff on fine silk fabrics.
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I really do love these! They just pop on dark fabric are very metallic a nice consistency for brush work and printing (try leaves!) and the best thing softer than other metallic paints I have tried just like they say.As with any metallic paints you have to stir them well before use because the pigment is heavy and sinks.
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I have to somewhat agree with both previous reviews. These paints look awesome going onto a wet piece of fabric but they do leave a halo. If you hang your shirts to dry like we do the dye runs down like a comet trail but the shimmer stuff stays in place. However we only use them for random blobs on distressed t-shirts so we are not that concerned with accuracy. I have noticed that the Canary
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Colors are beautiful...
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they are very nice colors but I had a "rubbery" metallic film over my work....great for heaver materials..I will not use on silk again
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We used the shimmer set-a-color for painting 'GS fun olympic rings' and slogans on white camp shirts. Great product.
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