Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite

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USE FOR: air brushing, marbling, painting

USE ON: natural and most synthetic fabrics, paper, leather, film

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3 Ruby Red
4 Grass Green
5 True Blue (Primary)
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7 Warm Yellow
8 Magenta (Primary)
9 Emerald
10 Turquoise
11 Russet
12 Matte Black
14 Flesh 2
16 Dark Walnut
17 White
19 Warm Amber
20 Spectrum Red
23 Nautical Blue
33 Salmon
34 Orchid
36 Aqua
37 Bonny Blue
38 Lavender
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43 Olive Green
44 Aqua Marine
45 Gold Amber
46 Terracotta
48 14Carat Gold
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Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite is an excellent ink for marbling & airbrushing. It leaves no 'feel' at all on silk and gives knock-out colors. Can be used on paper, fabric, leather, film, just about anything. It has more pigment than other paints so it covers better and faster. Water based, non-toxic, and very fast drying. High quality pigments make it usable in mechanical pens. It is highly resistant to fading from light with no fixing. For fabrics that will be washed, it must be used with a heat set additive or an air fix catalyst.


1. For artwork that won't be washed, it's lightfast and water-resistant when dry. Nothing more needed.

2. Make it washfast and drycleanable by adding a little Heatset Additive to the paint before you start. When dry, heatset briefly (1 minute) with an iron. That's it.

3. Make it washfast and drycleanable by adding a little catalyst to the paint before you start. This is the best choice for silk. Nothing more needed.

We have cheaper paints, but it's what your work looks like in the end that counts.
Try it on silk it's fantastic!


Used with Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Paints to lighten colors without thinning them.

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Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Extender - 2 Oz. $4.80
Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Extender - 4 Oz. $7.56
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Make Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Fabric Paints washfast and drycleanable on fabric by adding a little of this Catalyst to the Paint (1 drop Catalyst : 40 drops Paint) before you start, then just air drying.

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Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Catalyst - 1 Oz. $13.87 12.72
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Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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they are working well so far.
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got my order very fast great service
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Overall these are good for marbling fabric. The silver and black tend to sink and the silver looks more like gray.The turquoise looks more like cyan.
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I used these in marbling projects. The black and silver sink. The blues have great color and make good designs if they don't sink.
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