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Jones Tones Glue

USE FOR: applying foils, glitter, beads, sequins, rhinestones, applique, etc.
USE ON: Fabrics including knits, leather, paper, wood, foam, etc.

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Stock# Product Details Quantity Dharma Price
  4oz. - 402 Foil Glue
Also in 8oz size, see #JTG8
  4oz. - 406 Glitter Glue
  4oz. - 407 Fabric Glue
  4oz. - 408 Bead Glue
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Product Description

Glue technology has come a long way! Jones Tones has come up with a line of glues to meet every crafting need, because they realized that one glue really can't do it all. No odor, non-toxic, water clean-up, washable! (inside out, gentle cycle, line dry) Nothing dresses up and adds value to a product like foil, glitter or beads! Attract that junior crowd who is so hard to please. Glueing shiny stuff to clothes with these non-toxic glues makes for a fantastic party activity, for kids or adults. Squeeze, brush, stencil or stamp on.

The Foil Glue is the first one we have ever tried that leaves you with a foiled product that really can be washed without losing all the foil by the second or third washing! (When washing foiled garments, turn inside out, cool water, gentle cycle; dryers dull the foil as it is real metal and melts with heat, so line dry is definitely best.) This revolutionary glue is tacky when dried, so no mess or spreading when you are trying to put the foil on. You can stamp it on, apply with thin tipped applicators for very fine line work, etc. Works great to adhere our Pearl Ex pigments too!

The Glitter Glue has some sparkle in it already, so if you miss a spot with the glitter, it still looks nice! Watch for Jones Tones new line of glitter to go with this glue in the coming months. Soft and stretchy.

The Transparent Bead Glue is really strong to adhere beads, sequins, etc. Thick so it won't run.

The Fabric Glue is more generic, but really works well and is more washable than other ones we have tried. Dries fast. Soft and stretchy, so great on knits.

The Insta-Stich Glue really works where you don't want to sew. It is like the stuff on patches. You glue the fabrics together, let it dry, then iron it on a wool setting. The plastic in it melts into the fabric, making a permanent bond. Use for trims, patches, appliques, hems, repairs, etc.


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