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Screen Printing Kit - Drawing Fluid

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Product Description

This is the kit if you want to hand paint an image for your screen. Drawing fluid is applied with a brush or applicator bottle onto the screen, filler is swept over it and then the drawing fluid is removed – presto! Your painted image is on the screen and ready to be printed on your t-shirt, yoga mat, car door – whatever!



2 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I am pretty discoutraged.I was very excited to get this kit and followed the limited instructiosn as carefully as possible. But when I put the screen filler on the ink drawing fluid smeared. Because the instructions are so limited I have no idea what I did wrong. Did I use too much drawing fluid? Was it not dry enough? (It seemd dry) Did I put too much pressure on the screen filler? I don't know.Better instructions with good illustrations would help a lot.
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This is an update to the previous review. I skipped the drawing fluid step and painted the screen (a new screen purchased separately) directly with the screen filler. This worked beautifully!I still think this kit needs a better set of directions because I don't know why the drawing fluid step didn't work for me. I also think it would be better if it included the cleaning fluid to clean the filler off of the screen especially if the first attempt didn't work.But I am happier overall with the kit and am giving it a higher rating.
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