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Moldy Versatex Printing Ink 16 oz.

USE FOR: Screen Printing, Hand painting, Block Printing, Stenciling, Stamping

USE ON: All Natural and most Synthetic Fabrics, Paper

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We found one bottle of this batch to have mold on the inside of the seal. To be safe we separated all of this batch number from our regular stock of Versatex paints. The seals on all these 16 ounce jars remain unbroken so it's a crap shoot as to if they are affected or not.

Made in: Made in: UNITED STATES (USA)

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  16 oz. 1 Yellow
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Versatex Screen Printing Inks are specifically designed for silk screening, stencilling, and block printing. The colors are inter-mixable and can be thinned with water. Though heavily pigmented, Versatex will not change the texture or softness of your fabric and it will not wrinkle or bleed on paper. Versatex has a thick and creamy consistency and is ready to use. It is used by professional printers because of its strength of color and its permanency.

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