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Paints To Use On Cotton, Rayon, & Hemp 
All of our Fabric Paints can be used On Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Linen, or any other cellulose fiber, as well as most other fabrics as well. They basically differ in consistency and opacity as well as color choices. Most have to be heat set according to direction to avoid fading or rubbing off. Consistency determines use to a point, and in general, the thinner the paint, the less feel or "hand" it leaves on the fabric. This is not always true, however, as Versatex Printing ink when screened leaves almost no hand. The more transparent paints leave less hand and opaque or metallics have a little more hand.
Jacquard Textile Colors
Pros: Economical, easy to use, lots of bright colors, leaves a soft hand.
Cons: None we could come up with!
Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint
Pros: The shiniest, most luminous metallic colors, the best coverage on dark fabrics, also works great on leather, wood and paper.
Cons: Expensive, but worth it!!
Setacolor Fabric Paints By Pebeo
Pros: Has different consistencies for sunpainting (Transparent Colors) or painting over a dark color (Opaque colors), or enhancing with a metallic (Pearlescent Colors)
Cons: None
Jacquard Airbrush (& Marbling) Colors
Pros: Excellent for airbrushing, good pigment concentration, leaves a soft hand.
Cons: None
Versatex Printing Ink
Pros: Our softest screen printing ink, economical, water cleanup, non-toxic, also great for block printing and stenciling
Cons: Doesn't set well if it gets frozen when shipping it in the winter
Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks

Pros:Our best screen printing ink. Greatly extended open time gives you flexibility to work with more colors and bigger runs without the ink drying in the screens. Comes in "process" colors. Water cleanup. Sticks to almost any surface. Great for Linoleum block printing.

Cons: Slightly more expensive than some others.

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink
Pros: Soft, easy to use, bright intense pigment, non-toxic, water-based, water cleanup, great for stenciling and block printing as well.
Cons: Couldn't find any.
Jones Tones Fabric & Craft Paints
Pro's: It's a somewhat stretchy dimensional fabric paint that can be used on any fabric including Lycra®, nylon and hosiery, comes in lots of tones including glitter, and a line of Puff colors for the 3-D effect. Non-toxic. Glue based so sticks to almost any surface. Kids love it!
Con's: Leaves a bit more texture on the fabric. 
Lumiere 3D Paint
Pro's: It's a glue based dimensional fabric paint that can be used on any fabric and almost any other surface! Comes in gorgeous metallic colors and gives a 3-D effect. Can be used as a beautiful, classy embellishment in its own right, or as a decorative glue.
Con's: Leaves a bit more texture on the fabric.
DecoArt SoSoft Opaque Fabric Paint
Pros: The softest ‘hand’, or feel, on fabric of all our opaque/metallic fabric paints. Requires no heat setting, and still holds up to washing very well. Colors are very opaque, provide good coverage. Non-toxic.
Cons: Not available in larger sizes.
Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint
Pros: Versatile, thin flowable paint for silk painting and many other uses on most fabrics, even untreated leather. Easy to use, non-toxic, very economical, comes in various sizes, great for teachers
Cons: We couldn't think of any!
Setasilk - Silk Paint
Pros: Bright colors! Easy to use, water-based, non-toxic thin paint that can be an alternative for dye, heliographic (can be used full strength for sun painting)
Cons: Not available in larger sizes (250ml max)
Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite
Pros: Great for marbling, leaves soft hand on fabric, very concentrated pigment
Cons: Needs the addition of a catalyst to make it permanent, either a heatfix catalyst, or an airfix catalyst.
Dharma Pigment Dye
Pros: It's a concentrated (so economical after dilution) pigment system that feels like dye instead of paint, is easy to use for all kinds of techniques, is concentrated, non-toxic and works on most synthetics as well as natural fibers
Cons: Limited color selection, colors fade with washing the first time (typical of "dyeing" with pigments) - you have to like the unique "stonewashed" look
Jones Tones Glow Paint 1 oz.
Very easy to use, sticks to most surfaces.  Looks nice in the light, as well as glowing in the dark, also bright under black light!
Cons: colors of the actual glowing (phosphorescent) pigment are limited, so glows mostly green, and some orange and yellow, in the dark 
Glow In The Dark Paints 30ml.
Pros: Glows well in the dark after exposure to light, sticks to lots of surfaces, water cleanup, non-toxic
Cons: Limited color selection, small sizes, very thin and transparent, so doesn't look like much in the daytime.
All-Purpose Ink
Pros:It's blendability, washability and versatility, it's quick-drying, water-based and non-toxic, and has a very light hand.
Cons: It's recommended to use on 100% cotton or silk. Would probably work on other smooth natural fabrics. It's a small bottle.

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