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Satin Rattail Cord White

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 12 yd. spool 1 mm
 10 yd. spool 2 mm
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Product Description

This 100% nylon Satin Rattail Cord dyes beautifully with our Dharma Acid Dye, and can be used anywhere your project might need a little edging, or for Chinese knotted trims and jewelry. Use it for costuming, stringing beads, hanging pendants, making colorful braided chords or hair decorations. Let your imagination run wild. As you would expect, this rattail looks shiny and has a soft satiny feel.

Satin Rattail Cord should be hand washed before and after dyeing, just as you would other dyeable blanks. You can use Synthrapol with cool or lukewarm water. Lay straight to dry. To seal the ends, simply use a dab of Fray Check.

If you want rich mouthwatering colors, we suggest using our Dharma Acid Dye. If you want faster results without making up dye baths and all that, try Dye-na-flow liquid fabric paint mixed with a little No Heat Fixative. It will make the cord feel a teeny tiny bit stiff, but not excessively so.

The 2mm (millimeter) is the standard size rattail and the 1mm (millimeter) is commonly referred to as "petite".

When we softly flattened the rattail cord against a measuring tape, the 2mm labeled size is more like 3mm wide. The 1 mm labeled size is more like 2mm wide. Good to know if you're sewing the cording into the edging of garments, etc.

(Don't worry, no actual sweet rodent creatures were harmed in the making of this product).

Made in: TAIWAN (TW)

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