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Habotai Scarves 8mm

 4.65 ( 621 review )
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Stock# Product Details Quantity 1-11 12+
  6" x 24"
  8" x 54"
  8" x 72"
  11" x 60"
  15" x 60"
  14" x 72"
  22" x 72"
  22" x 90"
  21.5" x 21.5"
  30" x 30"
  35" x 35"
  44" x 44"
  Black - 8" x 54"
  Black - 11" x 60"
  Black - 14" x 72"
  Black - 21.5" x 21.5"
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Product Description

New! Check out our Machine Hemmed 8mm Habotai scarves. New!

Also known as "China Silk", these lightweight and breezy blank Habotai scarves are the most popular for dyeing and painting, probably because they are the most economical of all the silks. That also makes these very popular with teachers for class projects, Mother's day gifts, etc. Silk painting instructors often choose these for their student's first projects. The price is right for big fund raisers too! They make the perfect weight scarf for summer wear. "Playsilks" are very popular with the kids right now, and these are what are usually used. These have hand rolled hems with 100% silk thread. Ready to dye and paint!

We also have a few sizes in black, by popular demand. They look great when used with some of our more opaque or metallic fabric paints or the foils. Some folks use them with discharge techniques too. Just keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that a black will always discharge, because especially with imported stuff, the dye they are using can change. Also, the color you get when you discharge can vary widely, from a light tan to a dark rust brown. Always best to test if you want to discharge a black garment or fabric.

We recommend, especially if you are re-selling, to pre-wash in Hot water and Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent, all silk before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly. Our product Milsoft is excellent for restoring the soft hand to silk after dyeing.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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From $ 1.29 to $1.27 ea.

621 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I have been actively dyeing these for 2.5 years and although I sell many of them I also wear them daily - so I'm giving feedback from both perspectives.The fabric is beautiful! It dyes well and easily (FYI - I use the microwave method listed in the How-To's). The finished products are gorgeous professional-looking pieces. Without reservation I recommend these. That said here are a few things to be aware of (please note I didn't feel any of them warranted lowering my rating - so these are simply FYI's for you). 1) Every once and a while one slips in that accidentally was sewn with a thread that won't dye - if that happens - let Dharma know and they will replace it - it should not be that way. 2) I find that during the dyeing process about 30% of the time the tag comes at least partially off - I don't care and have not found that my customers do so I don't find this a big deal just mentioning it. 3) Finally it is hand sewn so you do find some imperfections but they are minor and so I just warn customers that is part of what they may find and advise they simply gently trim any loose threads.Again - this is a fabulous product - I've dyed hundreds of these guys by hand (and the 5mm ones). Highly recommend!
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re: 22 and 30 and 44 squaresi have dyed over 1000 of these over five years as playsilks so i know the product well. as others said the price is good. HOWEVER the quality has gone down particularly in the last couple years. there are less stitches in the hand rolled hems and it is becoming RARE to wash and dry a silk WITHOUT having the hem unroll in one or more spots. very disappointing. i have called and complained to no avail. please consider how you can up the quality of the work on these dharma!
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I've just started silk painting and these scarves were FABULOUS for starting out! They are soft and flow beautifully. Whenever I wear one of my creations I always get compliments and people always want to feel them They can't believe how soft they are.
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Price is terrific and compares well with other scarves from other sources. Love them....
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As mentioned by another consumer these scarves have been turning up with polyester threads that DO NOT dye!! I finally resorted to dying a corner of each scarf before dying to see if it was sewn in silk or polyester. Out of 100 scarves dyed recently 45 of them had polyester threads. I had a deadline to meet so it really screwed up my week. Dharma said they will replace the bad scarves but having already dyed them and processed them I will use them in future projects. Too much work......BUT the machine hems are just not the same.
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I have found that these newer scarves I have been painting are not as good as the ones from a couple of years ago. The sizes are not as said. I bought 2 35 x 35 and one was 30 x 28 and then I started the other and almost fainted because it was 335 x35. Also I have had a couple with the hem coming undone and yes the last scarf the thread of the hem did not dye. I still enjoy painting on these but do get upset when one is going so well and you see a hem undone.
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I have noticed in the last couple of silk scarves orders that the scarves are not the size I ordered. One 35x35 turned ou to be a 28 x 30. I have had to handrolled hems to come undone. I don't know what to expect any more. Use to know what to expect. Then I had one scarf that was suppose to be a 25x25 that ended up being a 26x28. China has lost it's pride and sends mostly junk or maybe they don't care any more.
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Absolutely the best quality silk blank scarf available--anywhere!(Alliteration NOT intentional!) You can see what I did with them on my blog My son helped with the marbling as my right hand was severed and re-attached but that does not prevent me from marbling--in fact with your silk scarves fabric paints and dyes (plus all the necessary equipment for marbling except the frames!) there is no excuse why anyone couldn't make a beautiful marbled item! I LOVE your prices too! Thanks for everything--you guys are a lot cheaper than a shrink!
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I just ordered for the first time 10 Habotai scarves dimensions 8x54. When I measured them they were 7x52. Please check your dimensions chart to reflect the correct dimensions of the scarves. Thank you
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I have ordered both the 811 and 815. The hems on the 811 are horrible. Stitching is coming out on all. I will be cutting up for scrap. Very disappointing.
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I've been purchasing these for years and while the silk is good the sizing is inconsistent. I draw all my designs to size which means the size advertised. The measurements are off by inches when stretched which makes accommodating design difficult. I'm used to exact sizes from my supplier in Canada. Unfortunately I think that the sizing along with the stitching coming undone when painted I am going to have to not purchase these from Dharma anymore. Such a shame because I love their selection of sizes but as I said inconsistency when stretched makes designs difficult.
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I've ordered hand hemmed scarfs many times but the last couple of orders the 100% silk tag has been falling off after paintingdyeing. I've had to take the time to reattach the tag which just adds more production time.Is this the way are now being produced if so I might have to order the machine hemmed. I like the look of the hand rolled edges. Gives a more finished hand made look.
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When I order 1 of these items am I getting 1 or 12?
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