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Electric Tjanting Tool & Temperature Regulator


An electrically heated hand held tool designed to produce fine lines of melted wax warm enough to penetrate fabric for the process of batik.



Melt small pieces of wax 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch one at a time. Keep heated tool on a piece of aluminum foil. This tool takes only 5 minutes to heat up. The tool can be used with a pin valve which prevents wax drips. It works by gravity and seals the tip when the tool is held up in the air. It can also be used without the valve and the wax will not drip when the tool is held at an angle. Place the tip carefully until tip touches the work surface, then draw. Holding tool straight up produces thin lines, tilting allow the wax to flow more and produces thicker lines.



 Although this tool is designed for Batik, it can melt pure paraffin, beeswax, batik wax and wax crayon. It cannot melt pastels, cray pas, pressed crayons, plastic crayons or oil pastels.


Use clean wax only, the tip can become clogged if the wax contains dirt. Clean tool while it is still hot. Use cotton applicators to clean the tip.

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